Ecuadorian Particleboard Exports Decline 8.9% in 2023

ECUADOR - Ecuador witnessed an 8.9% decline in the export value of particleboard (PB/MDP) in 2023, totaling USD 198.16 million (2022: USD 217.54 million).

1068ECUADORNovopan, the primary exporter of PB/MDP in Ecuador, led the export performance in 2023, although experiencing a 9.1% reduction in exports to USD 195.41 million, compared to USD 215.07 million in 2022, constituting 98.6% of the total exports for the year.

Colombia remained the predominant foreign market for Ecuador's particleboard, with shipments totaling USD 105.83 million in 2023. This reflected a significant decline of 18.3% from the previous year's figure of USD 129.50 million. Peru, as the second most crucial foreign market, recorded purchases amounting to USD 71.73 million in 2023, indicating a 3.6% increase from the 2022 figure of USD 69.25 million.

Together, Peru and Colombia accounted for 89.6% of Ecuador's particleboard exports in 2023, a slight decrease from 91.3% in 2022.

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