CSIL publishes study on Europe’s home office furniture market

ITALY - The new edition of CSIL report ‘Home office furniture market in Europe’ analyses the evolution of the working from home furniture segment, present scenario and growth prospects, and it is structured in two parts.

902CSILPart one deals with the evolution and forecasts of the home office furniture sector in Europe, drivers and demand determinants, estimated sales, leading manufacturers and distributors.

Home office furniture consumption in Europe is provided by geographical area, divided according to their geographical proximity and similarity in market characteristics (Northern Europe, Western Europe, Central Europe and Eastern Europe) and for the main European markets (Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Poland).

Distribution of home office furniture in Europe: shares and evolution of the distribution channels (Office Furniture Dealers, Home Furniture Dealers, Large Scale Retail, E-commerce, DIY, Other), estimated sales of home office furniture for 75 selected leading distributors in Europe, and short profiles of the main players.

The study also provides total revenues and estimated sales in Home Office for a sample of 45 leading furniture and office furniture manufacturers in Europe, with short profiles of selected companies and insights on how marketing policy and logistic system have been re-addressed in order to achieve the home-office furniture business.

With the Covid-19 outbreak, working from home has increased all over the world. In the period April-July 2020, CSIL conducted a survey on a sample of end-users, of different ages and occupations.

Opinions of over 600 respondents from all over Europe are detailed in part two.


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