First board of Starwood particleboard plant supplied by Dieffenbacher

TURKEY - On July 9 Starwood Orman Ürünleri Sanayi A.S. produced the first board on its new particleboard line in İnegöl, Turkey. The line replaces a Dieffenbacher line commissioned in 1991.

845DIEFFENBACHER2On the margins of the celebrations, Starwood CEO Hüseyin Yildiz talked about the new plant project:

“Our project in İnegöl was a real challenge from day one. Together with the Dieffenbacher team, though, we have pushed the limits in terms of delivery, timing and other aspects. We have gone beyond my expectations. Starwood learned a lot in the process, and the newest lesson was the power of teamwork with Dieffenbacher”.

Starwood CEO Hüseyin Yildiz added, “Our last Dieffenbacher line was commissioned in 1991. Since that time, we’ve made great progress. Despite two other continuous particleboard lines being added, our old Dieffenbacher line continued to operate until today. We could only retire her with a new Dieffenbacher line. I have a saying for this: ‘You can only replace a Dieffenbacher line with a new Dieffenbacher line. Otherwise she keeps running.’ As Starwood is a family-owned company, we always prefer working with family-owned companies like Dieffenbacher, whose owners are well qualified and keen on their core business. We enjoy cooperating with companies and people who listen, who work hard to understand the needs of their customers and who have similar values. There was a lot of compatibility between our company and the Dieffenbacher family and their company’s people. That made cooperating on this project a great pleasure.”


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