Abimóvel and Ibá launch Brazilian Furniture Enhancement campaign

BRAZIL - With the objective of strengthening and valuing industries, products and national labor, the Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) and the Brazilian Furniture Industry Association (ABIMÓVEL) unite to launch the campaign “É DO BRASIL, É PRA VOCÊ” (“IT'S FROM BRAZIL, IT'S FOR YOU”).


The campaign aims to enhance national production and encourage society to buy products from national industries, produced by the Brazilian people, with wood panels, design and added value.

The campaign consists of pieces for dissemination on social networks, ads and videos that seek inspiration in the Brazilian flag – “green as our nature, yellow as our riches and blue as our sky, with the aim of valuing national production and encouraging consumption of our furniture creating more wealth for our country, our companies and generating jobs for our people”.

The furniture sector in Brazil is the 6th world producer of furniture and the 8th productive chain that most employs in the country. “With industrial parks and the latest technology, Brazil exports to more than 120 markets with agility, high productivity, design and use of Brazilian wood and raw materials”, highlights the campaign.


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