Kronospan has pre-released the new Kronodesign Trends 20/21 collection

SLOVAKIA - During the Kronoevent 2019 that took place November 14 in Bratislava, Slovakia, the Austrian wood-based panel manufacturer pre-released the new Kronodesign Trends 20/21 collection.

864KRONOSPANThe event was attended by 900 guests from 57 countries, mostly architects, designers and furniture manufacturers, who were introduced to the possibilities and perspectives the new collection offers.

For this collection Kronospan developed a unique trend concept inspired by the dynamics of big cities and their vibrant urban atmosphere, which they named “City vibes”. It reflects the cultural wealth, creative and trend-setting nature of four big cities - Barcelona, Milan, Moscow, and Warsaw.

To uncover the unique vibe of each of those cities, representing the 4 themes in the collection, Kronospan worked in close collaboration with renowned architects and designers from Italy, Spain, Russia and Poland. They created and produced 4 interior design projects, inspired by the new trends decors which were revealed during Kronoevent 2019 in Bratislava

The new Trends 20/21 collection consists of 34 new decors that capture the unique appearance and tactile elegance of stone, concrete, marble and wood. It includes 13 new woodgrains and 5 Flow decors in the MF boards range, 5 Post-Formed and 7 Square Edge worktops, and 4 ultra-thin and elegant Slim Line decors.

Kronospan has also introduced 4 new expressive textures: Rust, Authentic Fine, Glitter Matt and Palazzo Touch.

Kronodesign Trends 20/21 was created to bring compelling aesthetics and limitless design possibilities with various surface materials, colors and textures and it will be available on-stock from January 2020.


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